Apple Extract Powder

Giving up sugar altogether is a radical change of habit and in many cases a difficult goal to achieve. Every time we eat a food with sugar, it is digested and goes to the blood. The speed with which it is absorbed determines the speed with which the pancreas will process it. A low glycemic index food allows this organ to work slowly, such as apple sugar and fruit carbohydrates, as apples are beaten with little water to puree consistency and then the dough is dehydrated.

Our Apple Powder Extract is sweet due to Pectin, a soluble fiber found naturally in fruits. Pectin brings many benefits to intestinal flora and your body overall. It acts with prebiotic which plays an important role in preventing digestive problems. Another benefit of this fiber is providing support to control blood sugar levels and cholesterol. In addition, it provides a feeling of satiety, facilitates intestinal transit and stimulates beneficial bacteria living in the intestines.

Pectin can also be used as a Thickening agent for gels, suggested to be used in shampoos and cosmetic creams.

This ingredient can add many benefits to products. It contains Organic Certification, Kosher, can be conventional, granular and most important, with our any carrier is completely natural.

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