Anamu Tea Cut

Anamu is a perennial herbaceous shrub that’s scientifically known as Petiveria alliacea. It also goes by other names, including tipi, mucura, apacin, guine, and guinea hen weed.

While it thrives in tropical climates and is native to the Amazon rainforest, it can grow in various areas, including Central America, the Caribbean, and Southern United States.

Anamu’s leaves — and especially its roots — are known for their strong garlic-like odor, which comes from the shrub’s chemical components, mainly sulfur compounds.

Traditionally, its leaves and roots have been used in folk medicine for various purposes, including boosting immunity, reducing inflammation and pain and general well being.

Its potential benefits are believed to stem from its variety of plant compounds, including flavonoids, triterpenes, lipids, coumarin, and sulfur compounds.

Although research is still emerging, test-tube and animal studies have linked anamu to various benefits, including reduced inflammation, improved brain function, and antioxidant properties.

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