Acerola, Meat and Bread Antioxidant

In the current market, an alternative source of food preservative is always welcome specially when you talk about an ingredient that is completely natural and organic.

Acerola has been shown to extend shelf life and provide color stability for meat and bakery applications. The organic Acerola solution works as a Strong antioxidant preventing meat oxidation.

Overhaul, oxygen scavengers such as vitamin C, will inhibit discoloration by extracting oxygen and free radicals from myoglobin, a protein found in animal source meat. With the same principle, it will work inhibiting bacteria growth and CO2 concentrations for manufactured products such as in the bakery industry.

Another example for the usage of Organic Acerola Extract is the Cured Meat market, that uses Nitrated in high concentrations to preserve and give a particular taste to the products. The ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) found in acerola works as an accelerator to this process, providing a perfect solution for pH stability and taste.

In April 2022, Maria Franco published an article in MDPI Foods, demonstration how acerola can be helpful as a Bread Improver. Bread has been considered a stable product and contributes substantially to the daily intake of basic nutrients. After using Acerola Powders in Bread baking, if was found a remarkable increase in alveographic strength and tenacity of the doughs without reducing shelf life, it also incremented dough softening and volume.

Nacttive USA Llc offers a wide range of Organic Acerola Extracts and Powders. With a strict biomass selection for better quality, our Acerola products can be used in beverage, meat and bakery industries as a strong antioxidant agent and source of Natural vitamin C.

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