Certified Products

Please note that not ALL products are Kosher certified.

For more information on Kosher certification, please visit our Product List, or contact us for further questions.

Body Care Results

Our Customers

Beverage, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, Contract Manufactures, Private Labels

Production traceability

Transparency with manufacturing chain and full traceability for all ingredients provided.

Quality Control Assurance

All ingredients provided are tested in house and by a third party laboratories in the USA. ...

GMP Certified Warehouse

Our products are stored in certified warehouses with temperature and luminosity control.

NACTTIVE USA MISSION Provider of the best ingredients

The Nacttive USA has a mission with quality control, certifying that all ingredients we provide go thought a strict selection from harvesting to manufacturing. We take audits to a next level to make sure our clients are getting the best quality products in the world. We secure our prices and we are honest with lead times. Been a satisfaction customer oriented company, our main goal is to work together with market innovations and transparency.